High Speed IP

Velocity Unified Communications High Speed IP service, insures that steadily increasing demands on your Internet bandwidth do not have to inhibit your organization operational capacity. With a complete range of port interface speeds, multiple access and billing options, and online performance reporting, our High Speed IP service combines scalability, reach and reliability. We provide our clients with a highly efficient and scalable network with a superior online experience.

High Speed IP Details

  • Multiple-port interface options for Ethernet and TDM.
  • Broad availability throughout the U.S. and Caribbean with multiple transport options that is available to extend High Speed IP service.
  • Access of up to 10 Gig Ethernet through our strategic partner alliances, you can take advantage of high end scalability, lower operational costs and simpler dedicated management.
  • Dedicated transport routes to the most important Internet destinations.
  • Our mission is to deliver a superior Internet experience, which translates into happier customers and employees for you.