Technology Management

Technology Life Cycle Management strategies focus on IMAC services (Install, Move, Add, and Change) to manage their computers. Before your organization can even use traditional IMAC Services, there are several key procurement tasks that must be accomplished. These tasks, Requirements Analysis, Vendor Relationship Management, Warehousing Services, and Procurement, usually put an unnecessary drain on IT resources and can negatively impact the overall return on investment. This is why Velocity Unified Communication uses it strategic alliances to address our client’s procurement needs and elevate the financial and time consuming process associated with lifecycle management.

Pre-Procurement Assessment

Velocity Unified Communication offers a full array of services designed to help you select the right hardware for your specific project requirements. These services begin with an in depth analysis that results in a clear definition of your current environment, identification of your immediate needs, and determination of future goals and strategies. We do all of the homework and present you with only the most appropriate prequalified options.

Vendor Relationship Management

Velocity Unified Communications maintains strategic alliances with leading manufacturers to provide state of the art products for our clients. We use these alliances to consolidate buying power and negotiate volume purchase agreements. The resulting discounts are passed directly to our clients. We shield our clients from the time consuming day to day burdens of dealing with vendors. Among these are technical issues, sales issues, problem resolutions, product road maps, inventory forecasting, inventory shortages, and stock balancing. Our role is simply to provide you with the best hardware, software, and solutions products for your specific organizational needs at the best possible price.


Now that you have chosen the right product and solution, eliminated vendor burdens, with minimal financial exposure, how do you implement it all? Glad you asked!

We developed our VASP (Value Added Service Provided) system to address deployment services nationwide. Through our VASP system we have access to over 1000 technician nationwide to cover any sites our clients may have. We effectively eliminate the personnel restrictions associated with large deployment and financial burdens.

And, at Velocity Unified Communications any of the above services are available as standalone or in combination with other solutions under our Technology Management solutions.