Information Technology Management

The vast majority of organizations have grown their systems with their business without an ‘architecture’ plan. This is like running a business without a business plan. Everybody is working, but it is not coordinated & there is a lot of wasted effort. How many of you have experienced downtime in a critical app or network just as you were really starting to get things done? The lack of a plan for architecture means that the organization is re-active rather than proactive in ensuring the network works. There are also inherent security risks to not having a clear plan of what the architecture looks like.

Velocity Unified Communications Inc. is here to help you put a framework around the problem & help build a business case for fixing it. Nothing is done in business without showing how it increases revenue or decreases cost. As business leaders, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our businesses. And this might be considered one of those opportunities.

Underscoring problem is that IT issues are complex and not a point problem. Just like managing a product or business, it is a continuous cycle that can’t be ‘fixed’ and then left alone forever.

  1. IT is a very complicated task to undertake. There are multiple components that interact with each other at different stages in their lifecycle.
  2. IT Changes constantly, new partners need access to new information within your system, new applications need to be integrated. Different sets of people need to work with different sets of data.

Every business that has an IT department does MANAGEMENT. The question is whether or not IT managers are as efficient as possible.

  1. Where is all this inefficiency coming from?
  2. Does your IT staff have a backlog of projects that are required for you to capture new business opportunities?
  3. Does your network go down unexpectedly, leaving you without email, access to documents or the Internet?
  4. Does your office wait for hours in order to have an IT person help them with a desktop or laptop PC that isn’t working properly?